Trading testing?

TLDR: I’ll test your game if you test mine. Instructions available on request. Very open to directed testing.

Some of my projects have become bogged down in details. I’ve enjoyed working out a lot of said details, but I want to move on from them soon, for good.

The thing is–the main roadblock is, I need someone to test relatively minor and focused changes. And while is a good site, it’s a bit of cold calling, and it’s tough to ask, and I know my games can be … challenging. I also know that asking for testing for big or small changes is tricky, each in its own way. For small there’s a feeling of “why bother.” For big, there’s a feeling of “man, I’m dumping a lot of work on someone.” But I’ve had good results when pinging other authors back and forth with various changes/tuneups.

You can have played my games before or not. And I’m open to design comments–but the thing is, I have a bunch of changes floating around and I’m 98% sure each works. But there are more than 50 of them, so the math says there’s something that will blindside me.

So I’d like to trade testing/transcripts for one of my games for testing someone else’s. I’d be glad to give as much direction as you need so it doesn’t waste time, and I will have testing commands that help people jump around.

My three main games are currently (in order of complexity) A Roiling Original, The Problems Compound, and Shuffling Around. I also have the changes marked on GitHub, so I can flag what is most likely broken, though as mentioned, I’m also open to general stylistic stuff.

So, anyone who has need of testing, whether it’s big or small–I’d like to swap. Any takers?