Transparent - Post Comp Release on IFDB

I have released the very much improved version 7 of TRANSPARENT which is available on IFDB. If you’ve been holding off trying it due to the reports of issues, hopefully this one will prove less of a problem.

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Nice going! I need to follow your example. I’d like to see other competitors do so. I know Hunger Daemon got a small update after a ClubFloyd session, and actually, now, I hope you get a ClubFloyd session of your own for Transparent. I think those work very well to

  1. make sure the new features work
  2. give the ClubFloyders a break with any potential bugs/implementation
  3. help the ClubFloyders feel like they’re contributing just by playing a game & let them know it’s appreciated they play your stuff

It certainly helped me with my post-comp release of 3dopolis. I had a strong beta, and the tips they gave helped me add things.

I sincerely doubt CF will play it. I get the impression the general populace believes it too long, buggy, and poorly implemented.

I wouldn’t be so down on it. They played my post-comp release of Shuffling Around before it was in a good state. And yours had a LOT more fixes in.

The thing is, they might not be rushing to it if they want something quick, but they took 2 sessions to get through SA, and with hints, I bet they’d get through Transparent.

And if not ClubFloyd, maybe NightFloyd would look at it.

If nothing else, I can cast a vote to play the game, because I think it would be fun, and I can in good conscience say that you worked hard to make the post-comp release even better.

I’m curious if the blurb about “Recommended play in multimedia browser” puts people off, not realizing that their default probably does it.

Since I’ve got a sound check in there anyway, I could probably just remove it.

I guess some people just play online perhaps. It’s pretty amazing that I uploaded just a gblorb and IFDB will let them play online.