Trizbort v1.5.9.5 released

Small release with a few minor enhancements and bug fixes. Biggest change is probably the ability to make a connection a door. Currently only exports to Inform 7.

Visit for update.

Please let me know if you’ve got any feedback or requests.


Thank you for all of your work! Trizbort is great!!!

I am a little apprehensive about mentioning this because I do not want to sound nitpicky, and I do not understand the technical complications of implementing such a feature, but it would be neat if you had the option to manipulate the connecting lines independent of the rooms. Sometimes, for example, a room will exit to the north, and you will enter the subsequent room from the north. I will just make lines leading north from the two rooms and move them around until they connect good enough. It would be handy if you had greater manipulation of the lines so that this could be done a lot cleaner. Maybe the option to bend already existing lines, or the ability to add single points that lines can be anchored to or new lines can be created from? Thank you again for all of your work!

How compatible is Trizbort with Mono? Automapping is one thing I’ve greatly missed since switching to Linux.

No worries there, I always appreciate the feedback…when it goes silent sometimes I worry if anyone is really using it or not.

Currently the lines are pretty integrated into how the rooms are setup and their ports. I think what you mentioned are all good ideas and I’ve had similar ones, but to implement in this version might be difficult.

I’m working on a V2 of Trizbort (I may rebrand it eventually) that I’m hoping to have give more control over the lines to the user which I hope will make situations like your’s easier to make look good. No time frame on that as it’s really early in development and I’m moving slow at the moment.

But thanks again for the suggestions, it’s always appreciated.

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Honestly, I’ve never tried it, so I couldn’t tell you. It’s using some windows controls that I suspect may not port very well.

Gives me something to think about in V2 as well…I guess I’d not thought too much about the portability.

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Yeah, that is a problem, if you make a big request it is a big request, and if you make a small one you worry it’s distracting people. But I think in this case the feature is already sortof there. @Billy_Mays do you use ctrl-(shift)-brackets a lot? That might help. They cycle where the ports are. It’s a relatively new feature & not perefect but it sounds like this could eliminate some busy work.

If you wanted to implement it directly, the thing I might try to make rooms immediately is ctrl-shift-(1 direction) then ctrl-shift-(another direction) but then you have to watch out for if someone puts in a new command in the meantime. But then that gets into more and more cluttered GUI.

You could also have a custom GUI for a new room/passage wher you could for instance hit the right arrow twice to make rooms exiting east to each other. But this gets a bit tricky.

No, thank you for pointing that out to me, though it does not alleviate my initial concern.