Trizbort v1.6 Official Release


Wanted to announce this here first. New release that has been a long time coming, more out of my own procrastination than anything else. I know quite a few have downloaded the source of the last 9 months and compiled it themselves, but here is the official release.

To just install the bits, download the zip file linked in the release and unzip to your executable folder.

I hope in the future to use a more agile approach to the releases using semver versioning so more frequent smaller releases hopefully will be coming instead of these occasional larger ones.

As always, any issues please feel free to add issues in Github as that is the best way for me to track them now.



Hi and thanks!
I’m in the situation described in your last blog-post, writting a “quick & dirty” Python script to convert trizbort XML maps into source files suitable for tha DAAD compiler.
DAAD was the tool used at spanish company “Aventuras AD” in the late 80’s-early 90’s, when they were the leading text adventure publishers in Spain. The system was based in british Gilsoft’s QUILL and PAWS series, whose author, Tim Gilberts, was hired for the sole purpose of writting and in-house professional version.
Me and some friends pretend to use Trizbort to aid in a newbie-targetted DAAD based text-adventure creating workshop for 8-bit computers at retro-computing events soon to be held here. “Soon” actually means 2 weeks ahead, so no time to investigate the API, I opted the Python way instead :slight_smile:
We’ll let you know how it all went and we’ll surely ask you info on how to write some proper export plug-in in the future!

Thanks again for maintaining Trizbort!


It’s always cool to see how people are using Trizbort. At some point I’m planning on switching the map format to a Json file (while still supporting the current xml based format) which should simplify consuming the files. No timeline on that yet as it’s actually a bigger deal than I suspected at first.

Another thing that has been floating around was to create some sort of API to expose features of Trizbort to 3rd party apps. Again, still just an idea and nothing concrete yet so no timeline.

Thanks for the update on how you’re using it!


Hello Jason, uses a JSON format to store its maps. When you get around to drawing up a specification, I would ask that we both look at it to see if we can create a matching format shared between Trizbort and