Windows Inform 7 6M62 - New build released

A new build of Windows Inform 7 6M62 is now available from

This adds support for extension projects, which the last OSX build introduced. Extension projects allow extensions and their associated examples to be developed and tested with rather more support than previously.


Awesome, always great to hear the Window branch getting some love.

On a side note, after a recent evaluation on the state of z-code interpreters, I’ve been meaning to write you and say just how brilliant Windows Frotz is after all these years. Nothing else makes z6 games look as nice.

Oh, nothing else even BOTHERS to support z6 properly. Windows Frotz is THE terp for the full ZMachine.

I second RoodyYogurt fully. I just realised it’s the sort of thing people don’t say enough.

Thanks :smile: Windows Frotz deserves to have me spend some time on it - I have some patches that Stefan Jokisch sent me last year that I still need to integrate. So little time …

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