XYZZY Awards nomination round is open

For those who haven’t seen it elsewhere: the nomination round for the 2014 XYZZY Awards is open until the end of April 4. Here are the details:

My impression is that turnout for the nomination round is typically pretty low. Personally I find the XYZZY Awards to be pretty useful, as a way to recognize good games that aren’t necessarily comp winners, so I think that more participation would be better. So go register, have a look at the (gigantic!) eligible games list to jog your memory, maybe play a few that you didn’t get around to, and submit your votes! Here’s an IFDB poll suggesting games you might want to check out:

Hm, I got email notification that someone replied to my post but the comment isn’t showing up here. Maybe it was deleted? I thought it was a reasonable request though: suggestions for the write-in categories. I’m not really sure how kosher it is to share my votes, since it might be construed as canvassing or something, but given that the voting deadline is today I wouldn’t expect much ballot-stuffing…

So anyway, here are my votes:
Best PC: Passepartout, from 80 Days
Best NPC: Tin Foil Jenny, from Sequitur
Best Puzzle: finding the treasure, from More
Best Technological Innovation: Texture

Here are the finalists! Congrats to all the authors (and their playtesters)!

Voting is open through April 24th.

Yeah, I had posted wondering what games other people had considered for various categories, but then thought it might run afoul of the no canvassing rules. But I do think more discussion would be nice in the first round of the XYZZYs to help jog people’s memories.