Reminder: get your blog on Planet IF

I assume this is on-topic enough, so: if you have a blog about IF (or a subcategory of your blog about IF), then let me know if you want it added to Planet IF ( It’s got a fairly sizable number of readers (mostly through newsreader apps like Feedly), so it should help increase your readership. Posts are also automatically linked on Twitter at .

Note that I only add blogs with the author’s consent.

You can just post a reply to this thread, or email me at with your blog URL, and I can add it.

BTW, I also just added a link to this forum on the Planet IF sidebar.



Having been on Planet IF when I had a blog, I have to say it really does increase your readership, and does it to a subset of people who are probably really interested in your subject matter. Wonder why that is. :stuck_out_tongue:

And checking out PlanetIF every day myself, I will also point out that, if your blog is in there, I’ll probably read it, and know all about your announcements and new projects.

So why delay? Join PlanetIF today!


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I’ve been on for a couple years and I noticed a huge jump in readership. I can vouch that you’ll want to get on if you’ve got a blog.

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I have always been terrified that my infrequent blog posts aren’t really important enough to go on there.

I sort of worried about that, too, but thing is–you can also view it as getting the heavy hitters to get their butts in gear.

Or to let other people see it’s ok to have something that’s Not 100% Important posted there.

For instance Carolyn VanEseltine’s posts are maybe not perfectly IF related, but they expand into interesting general stuff.

Yeah, you really don’t have to worry about it. As long as most posts are IF-related and vaguely sensible, I’m happy to include them on Planet IF. I see it as a kind of pulse of the general IF community, not so much something that must be strictly 100% high-quality IF exposition from some mythical inner circle. And there’s no pressure to post regularly, or anything. There are plenty of blogs on there that haven’t had posts in ages.


Thanks! It’s nice to have this reminder, and I bet I’m not the only one who appreciates you stopping by. I have to admit I err on the side of not posting when I have the choice, so anything that pushes me towards posting is good.

I can vouch for the readership, too. It’s just nice to see a few hits to the competiton reviews I’ve sent to Planet-IF. I hope to be releasing post-comp stuff there, too.

It looks like Baf’s guide is still listed as a resource under “Interactive Fiction” in the sidebar…is there any advantage to having the link there when it doesn’t work?

Also, would it make sense to add IF Answers as a resource? We could use more people answering questions over there.

I’m not sure I follow…how do “less important” blog posts affect what the influential bloggers do?

Well, this may’ve been a bit tongue in cheek. But I see it as, if people see something they find relatively trivial in the feed, it may spark them to say, “Oh, I can do better than that” and get along with the thing they wanted to post.

It was probably said wrong, but basically, most any activity is good activity. I liken it to when a review goes up from IFDB when it’s been dormant a bit and suddenly someone else writes one. Maybe not “I can do better” but people are likely to say

  1. hey, that wasn’t 110% profound but I liked it, my turn to take a shot
  2. no, that’s not quite it, I can do better

I suppose I was viewing a worst case scenario (“what if people don’t like my post?”) as I suspect a lot of people worry “Wait, I bet it’s already been said before, and better, so don’t post to planet-if, it might annoy people.” When the reality is quite different. Seeing a variety of odd stuff makes me happy and willing and ready to post, and even if it’s been said before, it’s a reminder that I don’t have to worry about being completely new.

I had no idea Baf’s guide was offline! That’s very sad. I wonder if there’s a chance an archive will be put up at some point.

I’ll remove the link.

I also removed the link to Xyzzy news, which hasn’t been updated in 6 years :open_mouth:

Okay, here goes.

Thanks Hanon, I’ve added your blog :slight_smile:

Ok, that makes sense.

You can add my two blogs: (my Hugo coding blog) (my classic adventure transcript blog)

I had been kind of hesitant to adding both. I had figured the IF audience at large wouldn’t be interested in code tinkerings for an unpopular language, and I haven’t written a post for the other in a while and don’t know when I’ll get around to writing one again.

But hey, if you want them, they are yours to add!

It’s an odd thing–I may not be -primarily- interested in Hugo, being an Inform programmer, but I still enjoy seeing what it can do and how it works.

And if there is an audience of say 1000 people, and it may only interest 10% of them, that’s 100 people. Not bad.

Yes, Roody, your blog is the best thing going, it absolutely belongs. :slight_smile:

I’ve added these blogs. Thanks : )

@radix I don’t know if you saw my earlier comment, but what do you think about adding to the resources on the sidebar?